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When you find yourself procrastinating on your dearest actions, then it is time to go and discover your purpose in life.

If, for example, your dearest thing is to write and you want to become a writer, as many people dream of, but you do not get yourself to write, then ask yourself, why you want to write anyway.

If the answer electrifies and motivates you into action, then your passion, the writing, is aligned with your purpose in life — to be a writer.

If writing is your passion, but it doesn´t drive you into action then either your purpose in life is not fully served by your passion (yet), or your Ego and your conditioned mind are taking over with all the old limiting beliefs, fears and back-door-tricks. …

Reframe and embrace them!

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I bet today, you are going to make mistakes, poor decisions, and you will produce failures.
It belongs to being human to tap into pitfalls — even with the strongest beliefs that you are planning and doing the very right thing.

Sometimes your guts know that your aims will lead you into hassle and tell you not to do what you are just about to do.
You push aside all the warnings only to dig deeper into trouble.

The odds are high that all of us fail more or less on a daily basis.
However, if you do not fail, you are not trying to evolve.
You are resting or hiding in your safety zone following routines that you have established long ago, and maybe not even consciously. …

If you love an addict, look beyond the relationship.

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Suppose you live in a relationship with a partner who is addicted. In that case, you will probably ask yourself again and again whether and how it is possible to no longer support your partner’s addiction, but (now all the more) to support the relationship to thrive.
You wonder — Is the End of Co-Dependency the End of the Relationship?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer.

I won the impression that it is not primarily about the relationship or the addiction, but about LIFE itself.
It is about how you want to spend your days, weeks, years, or even decades.

Are you happy and satisfied with the creative freedom you have in life with an addicted partner?
Do you, in that co-dependent situation, have the degree of freedom, security, and joy that you have in mind for your life?
Can you live out everything you need for a happy life with him/her?
Can you truly be YOU in this partnership? …

Dear meat lovers, think before you argue

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Image by Felix Wolf from Pixabay

In various forums, I keep reading discussions between vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores. I hear the following arguments in favor of meat and dairy consumption most frequently:

Our Nature:

Being part of nature comes with the necessity of being cruel

Human Anatomy:

i) The human body is the proof of our adaptation to animal products
ii) We need animal proteins and nutrients

High Costs:

Vegan nutrition is way too expensive

Today, I want to respond to these arguments. Okay, get ready. Let’s destroy these arguments.

Our Nature: Being Part of Nature, Comes With the Necessity of Being Cruel

‘That’s the way nature operates; nature is tough!’ I hear these arguments for eating meat and animal products all the time.

To argue with nature when it comes to the description of the most unnatural, most split-off, most secretive industries of the entire evolution — that’s where my desire to discuss the topic usually ends. …

Or is it something completely different?

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We should eat when we are hungry.

Sometimes we eat because we are emotionally nibbling on something.
Sometimes we eat because we are actually thirsty.
Sometimes we grind our teeth as if we have to bite through the thing we chew on.
And sometimes we eat because we are hungry on another level that cannot be satisfied by food.

Sometimes we continue to eat even though we are bursting at the seams. …

Size matters. And other things, too.

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Photo by Mathew MacQuarrie on Unsplash

The addiction is never bigger than yourself. The addiction has only found ways to live within you.
So, technically, you host the addiction and decide to invite more of them and even let them reign over you.

The misconceptions of addictions

Unfortunately, you usually do not choose that consciously, which is one of the mean tricks of addictions: they operate in the subconscious! They make you feel like you still have control, which is true, and yet, somehow, you find yourself trapped time and time again.

There is this saying:
Addiction is the only disease that tells you that you don´t have it.

So, when you ask yourself if you are addicted, it is difficult to decide which voice to listen to:
The panic voice that says, “as an alcoholic, you will never be allowed another drink,” or “alcoholism is a deadly disease — alcoholics die younger and quite often from suicide.”
Or would you rather listen to the giggling, familiar voice that says, “ah, one cigarette or one glass of wine won´t kill me? And if it doesn´t kill me, it´ll make me stronger.“ Of course, the second voice is the one that you went partying with for decades hunting for the pleasures of some good old Rock´n Roll. …

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Yes, sure, you have your goals.
Short term goals, long term goals,
big goals, small goals,
funny goals, heavy goals.

But why are they your goals, anyway?

Why do you want to invest time, money, sweat, and force into them?
What are they leading you to ?
To a stronger body, family, a specific number on your bank account?
And — is that really it?

What is behind all those goals and issues that keep you in action?
What is the sense of all that restlessness?
What is the higher purpose of your decisions and actions, of your dreams and goals?

What is the meaning of your life?

If you want fulfilment —be here and now

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Photo by Jayant Kulkarni from Pexels

The only time and space for fulfillment is now and here.

Even when you are happily tinkering with your future, the time and space continuum of your happiness is now and here.

By nurturing your belief that you can only be happy when X occurs or Y happens, you prevent happiness. Moreover, Such “if …, then … “clauses are known as the lousy companions of addictive thinking. They belong to the so-called “stinking thinking. “

“Stinking thinking “is a term coined by Alcoholics Anonymous. …

I would choose to go like this…

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Image by 4653867 from Pixabay

Have you ever thought about this?
What would you do if you had a chance to express yourself?

I don’t know you, but I can speak for myself. If I had the last chance to express myself, I would choose to proceed like this:

  • Express my gratitude for this life as a human being
  • Reveal and praise what I have valued most in my life that made it worth living
  • Drop a couple of V.I.P. Names that made my life sweet and exciting

Express My Gratitude for This Life as a Human Being

I have no words to express how amazing my life is. My life would be a sad and pathetic one if it weren’t for all the people, creatures, and situations I have been allowed to experience. …

Program your unconscious mind by answering one question

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Photo by Yash Raut on Unsplash

The essential question to answer is — “How does a perfect day look like for you?”
When you search for answers to this question, forget about if such a day is in reach for you. Such considerations would only limit your phantasy and your outcome.

Instead, it is crucial to have a vivid imagination of the specifics.

Preparation for your Answers

For answering that question, please imagine that you do not need to worry about the following things:

  • Your existential and material needs
  • The success of your ventures
  • The opinion of other people about it, including your relatives, parents, significant other, children, business partners, bosses, colleagues, customers and other people. …


Karmen Jurela

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