What I also find scandalous is that as young girls we are told that we must under all circumstance not become pregnant (and not have sex or be sexy).

Pregnancy and motherhood will "destroy" your life, your reputation or at least limit all the great opportunities of life.

Then you go for a career and you get to see that this is abso-fu**ing-lutely true. Mothers disappear for years out of the business world or they sign up for depression and burn out if they choose to have both kids and a career.

On the other side, people do not stop asking when you will have kids , no matter if you are are happy or unhappy without kids! I received countless comments of "wasting my life" or "being antisocial" for not choosing a family-life with kids.

However, I also notice the collective childhood neglect, consequently many cases in the spectrum of autism, learning difficulties and bad manners in children. Also, all kinds of addictions and obsessions come to light more and more in children in all wealthy, middle class and lower-class families.

I think, amongst other reasons, all of those deviations have to do with the collective degradation of motherhood! Motherhood is connected to the feminine superpowers and divinity and therefore has to be punished, belittled and distorted.

How many caricatures, jokes and vulgar side notes did we receive around this topic, and around being a woman in general?

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