What a lovely article! Thank you for sharing it.

And thank you for the encouragement about my writing.

Actually German was my second language, my mothertongue is Croatian.

I left Croatia when I was 7 Years old. And the first three years of my life I lived in Germany.

My Croatian language skills actually stagnated at the age of let‘s say, 10 years. And for the last 40 years with less and less practice, it slowly fades away…

Still, I want to believe that I would catch up very quickly, if I lived there for a couple of weeks.

English and French came in at the age of 9 and 14. And, of course, Latin from 12–19.

Learning and elaborating new languages is a gift. Growing up bilingually, I mostly understand as an advantage.

So, yeah- I am doing my best. ☺️

Thank you also for sharing your view on your English! It is really interesting, how people differ and come together at the same time and same crossroads!

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