Thanks for the piece.

How was this one more insulting than other conversations?

She doesn´t understand you and nothing can force understanding into her.

Even you feeling insulted and cancelling the friendship won´t change her lack of understanding.

Btw. I am also freaking happy without children. For a couple of years I had stepkids and that was wonderful.

However, I never "needed" kids.

I don´t have pets and I don´t want any.

I don´t even have a TV.

I don´t feel lonely and I am not bored.

I am alive and kickin!

Corona didn´t change anything of it.

I actually believe that raising children often makes parents feel more lonely, lost and believing to be failing than consciously leading a life without kids according to your purpose and values.

Lonelyness and hopelessness is only a set of false beliefs, a disturbed mindset and chroncally dealing with unfulfilling issues, be it by choice, be it by not understanding that there is a choice.

Of course the whole neuro-endocrinlogic-transmitter system plays a role there, too.

Lonelyness is not the truth.

Childern shall not be used for camouflaging a lonely life or mindset.

People force their opinions and lack of understanding into this world all the time. Me, too, actually and I regret it. I´d rather be enlightened. :-)

When will we start to learn that this is all unnecessary?

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