Thank you AdrianoG!
The purpose of playing the devil´s advocate in a friendship, loving-relationship or any other relationship is to explore all sorts of risks, traps and worst case scenarios in an intellectual way.
Of course you can connect intellectually with your spouse and have a lots of benefits and fun from that.

However, it is quite unlikely for the most of us to connect on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level when you play intellectual worst case scenarios. I guess, only exceptional people fire and wire devil´s advocates and heart-connection together at the same time in their brains.

Of course, this kind of neuro-links can be fostered and supported, on purpose. But would that be the most efficient way to get closer?

I am not sure… yet, I find many other ways to truly connect somehow easier and more natural, for example by holding space for your spouse, truely listening to him/her or by asking, what your spouse actually needs and so on and so on…

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