Listening to your body- YES.


...every addict does that before relapsing.

The part of your body / soul / Ego / addiction that craves meat (or alcohol or similar) only covers for the real deficiency which can be nutrients, but also other things like belonging, education, acknowledgement, connection and so on.

It is not THAT hard to get our iron and our nutrients out of veggies. (Hem-Iron makes us humans sick, btw.)

One needs to learn how to practice a plant-based diet - a couple of articles, books and videos will help.

But our societies are addicted to meat and animal products. And that is one major reason some vegetarians or vegans relapse, next to the phenomenon that new-vegetarians do not educate themselves how to eat properly on a plant based diet.

Malnourishment and maleducation happen in omnivores too. All the time, actually.

That is why there are so many nutrition experts around. They are not around because of the vegans.

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