You want Inner Freedom?

Please, have It! But It is not going to happen in the Future.

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As long as we are stuck with our former experiences and block our present with something that happened some time ago, we cannot freely experience the present moment.
All the obsessive self-inquiries of what, how and why something happened will not prepare you adequately for the future.

Because unfortunately — fortunately, we know very little about what has brought us here and what will happen next.

Of course, we love to spin a consistent story of all the things that happened, in order to make everything meaningful. But, as Byron Katie would ask — is it really true?

Interestingly, in retrospect, very often we reframe times of severe suffering as tipping points for massive inner liberation. We use the term “rock bottom” as a synonym for the rebirth to a much better, new life!
And on the other hand, looking back, we often reevaluate past happiness as delusional times of denial and hypocrisy or our first moves into a boundless abyss.

Some of these reinterpretations happen under dramatic circumstances and some very calm and unbureaucratic.

In other words, we know nothing. That is all we know.

And therefore — be amazed, concentrate on now and here! Sense your HERE and NOW — these are the only parameters that matter.

Make your decisions NOW!
It is exactly the right moment to part from behaviour that you wanted to stop a long time ago.

There is no inner freedom but NOW and HERE.

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