I think I know what you mean, dear Martin, and as always your writing and thinking are a pleasure to my senses!

At the same time, I know that the one that wants justice wants the death of the other.

That is a principal of our world that shows in polarities.

Your suggestion to follow our principals does not feel complete with me. I know that mental orientation, along with our principals, values and similar can guide us through turbulence, chaos and fog. Knowing our values can direct us back to our core. But our core is probably not our mind.

We love to mentalize and play with our thoughts.

When we do that we surely savour our daring language skills, our limitless minds, and shameless ideas! It is freaking fun!

And still, if we do not connect to our hearts, our bodies, and our spirit that is linked to the Divine, mentalising alone plays on a poorer level.

So yes, principals are helpful. But what for?

Principals are not the end of the line.

Embrace, embrace, embrace!



Dentist, Author, Mentor, Coach. www.ichkreierealsobinich.de www.panorama1.de www.jurela.de

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