Here you tell the core of your own therapy.

Imagine your willpower being a little boat in the ocean. It wants to sail to the destination "free fruits and vegetables and no processed food".

However, at the bottom of your little willpower-ship there is a gigantic submarine attached by a steely chain, and the submarine is 10 times bigger and thousands of times quicker and better connected than your little willpower-ship.

The submarine is your subconscious. Your belief-system, your limbic system.

The limbic system also operates with your feelings (friendship) and it DECIDES what you do while you don´t even notice, like breathing, attaching and buyig(!). It works automatically and so to say without mistakes.

Sure, your willpower also decides things - but compared to your subconscius power - it is very limited.

The submarine wants you to connect with your lovely friend called Sugar! It is 10 times stronger than your little boat and it operates without storms or the challenges of bad weather and it KNOWS exactly wow to connect you with Sugar.

So it only needs to use a fracture of power to move you towards the sugar. It operates effortlesly... just a little pull — and back you are at the chocolate table!

So - how can you get your subconscious mind to learn, that sugar actually makes you sick?

What if you could teach your subconscious mind to identify sugar as a life-threatening addiction?

Imagine having your submarine in your back, drifting to the same destinations, like your little willpower-ship!
Imagine your submarine maneuvers YOU to the good food
and from now on avoids sugar like the devil…

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