Hello Anastasia, thank you for your article.

If you don´t tell your kids what to eat, the food-industry will do.

You can´t let kids decide what to eat and what to drink. That is one basic responsibility of parents. Food is so tightly correlated to health and wellbeing that leaving the choice of what to eat up to the children to me seems like negligence.
If it weren´t for parents, who choose for their kids what and when to eat and drink, and how to take care of their teeth, children would still die of the consequences of tooth decay. I know — that sounds crazy, but it is true.

For the friend of your kid — considering that it needs a whole village to educate a human being — I guess it is ok to feed another mother´s child with veggies and knowledge that she otherwise would not get for who knows how long.

I actually am happy that there is so much healthy food we can choose from so we don´t need to eat animals or animal products. I guess many kids would love to choose to spare animals´ lives and therefor just not eat them.
If we don´t teach them that animal-free diet is perfectly possible, they could (and probably will) accuse us for having to find that out on their own, after eating hundreds of lives unnecessarily.

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