Change vs. Transformation

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Change vs. Transformation

You can change it all:
your clothes,
your make up,
your hairstyle,
your taste,
your music,
your books,
your looks,
your job,
your hobbies,
your food,
your weight,
your appartment,
your city,
your country,
your religion,
your friends,
your lover,
your family,
your kids,
your name,
your Ex,
your sex.

Surely, you will entertain yourself with


And I bet, you´ll have a couple of anecdotes to tell.

And then most likely you will find yourself thinking the same, lame old thoughts about yourself and the world, feeling the same rotten lack of something — no matter where you are, with whom you are and how you look, what you work, how much you earn or any other circumstance. The only thing needed for you to discover that you stayed the same person beyond all the new shapes of you, is just a specific amount of passed time!
After enough time has passed, the effect of any outer change will inevitably make you ask the same old question: WTH?

Changing any or all of those issues will not change anything in a sustainable quality, as long as you only change the features of the pattern.

To create a sustainable transformation — YOU will have to transform from within.
That means that you will need to reprogramm your ancient conditions and domestications. Your thoughts and feelings and habits. The stuff that you tell yourself unconscioussly all day and all night long! The snoozing before you rise, and also the temperature span of your comfort zone.

The neuro-biological pathways, highways, the oceans, deserts and the jungles of your brain will need new structuring. A new vehicle with new fuel and completely new manual. New chemistry, new physics and even new metaphysics.

In other words: practice, practice, practice.

Another change won´t do it, Baby!
And I´m not even sorry.
I believe that THAT is the REAL adventure.


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