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Hearing this sentence made me break down

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Growing up, I heard that it was dangerous for girls and women to be beautiful and sexy a thousand times.

What was she wearing?

The same elders asked, “What was she wearing?”, after a man had violated, raped, or killed a woman.
Even prosecutors and judges asked about the woman’s attire to get an “overall and objective” impression of the story. …

Boost your Affirmations with Afformations!?

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Foto von Allan Mas von Pexels

You have probably encountered affirmations before:
You formulate a sentence with a desirable statement as if it were already a reality. Affirmations often begin with “I am …” or “I have …” because these words are some of the most convincing words to impregnate our brains.
Great affirmations sound like “I am happy”, “I am healthy”, “I am strong”, “I have everything I want” and similar.

Words and Hearing

Everything we listen to throughout the day shapes our brains. If you hear, “you are competent,” all your life you will eventually start to believe that you are competent. Hearing this will lead you to situations in which you act effectively and successfully and altogether you will produce proof that you are competent. This will reinforce your belief that you are competent.

And took me to a deeper inquiry.

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Photo from Dinielle De Veyra at Pexels

I overheard a conversation in which a woman kept starting her sentences with “Honestly, …” or “To be honest, …”. She did that at least four times during the half-hour I sat within earshot.

Next, it upset me that she annoyed me!

“To be honest, …” — What was that supposed to mean??
Did she otherwise not speak honestly?
Did her singular, honest statements need advance notices?
Would she, after saying these words, speak out the ultimate blow? …

The concept of nationality is an illness

Home and Homeland: Once, I Have Been Stateless
Home and Homeland: Once, I Have Been Stateless
Photo by Karmen Jurela. It shows a building in Berlin-Mitte, the central district of Berlin. The writing “THIS BUILDING FORMERLY STOOD IN ANOTHER COUNTRY” is true: the house is located on former GDR-soil.

I was born in a country that no longer exists: the FRG. Then I lived in a country that no longer exists: Yugoslavia. After that, I moved to a country that was never recognized as a sovereign state: Taiwan. Now, I live in a country that 30-something years ago had a different name, different borders, and a different political ideology: the GDR.

I have two citizenships

My Croatian papers still show my married name, which was Greek. After my divorce, I gave up the Greek name.

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Photo by Haut Risque on Unsplash

When blurry, put your Wanting on the sidings.

Let us stop pretending that the worn-out western concepts of love work and open up for smart love!

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Photo by Mike Lloyd on Unsplash

I read this sentence in Janine’s blog about infidelity, and it enlightened me:

“Anyone who cheats is just too stupid to love!”

If there is stupid love, then there has to be intelligent love, too!

Where do we come from?

The phenomenon of LOVE has inspired a whole armada of writers, thinkers, artists, prophets, priests, and philosophers to add their point of view about what love is, how it feels and how to live it.

It can become an addiction and an escape from reality

Obsessive Reading: Even the Soundest Thing Can Go Wild!
Obsessive Reading: Even the Soundest Thing Can Go Wild!
Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

When I was seven years old, we moved back to Germany after three years of living in Croatia, then Yugoslavia. We came back for my second year of primary school. My German was not the best. Actually, I had forgotten it completely.

Co-Dependency is not a life sentence.

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Photo by Jennifer Griffin on Unsplash

They say that it is impossible to overcome Co-Dependency.

What do I know?

I loved and married a functioning alcoholic.
With him, I became co-dependent and with that, unfortunately, his enabler.
He nearly killed us both. I left him and started a new life.

And there are no “Others”.

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Image of unknown origin

Look someone you don’t know in the eyes for a few minutes without speaking. You will feel connected not only with the “other” human being but with Life itself — and rightly so.


Karmen Jurela

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